As a small scale honey producer, we keep each batch of honey separate so that the flavours are unique and reflect the changing blossom of the seasons. It also means we leave plenty for the bees ...

With each batch only 15-20kg, it's not around for long!


We offer free pick-up/drop-off within Bridgetown and surrounds, with occasional delivery to Rockingham/Mandurah.  

For other areas within Australia, express shipping cost is $12.50 for up to 4 x 300g pouches (we recommend pouches over jars for shipping).

For larger quantities or international shipping, please contact us for a price.



March 2021

A big thank you to everyone who purchased honey from us in 2020. We have now sold out of all 2019/20 stock.

Unfortunately this Spring/Summer our bees haven't produced the quantity of honey we expected (we suspect there may have been some hive-robbing by wasps).

To ensure our bees have enough honey to support themselves over winter, we do not anticipate honey being available to purchase before next Spring.

We will update the site as soon as any honey is available.

Raw, unprocessed honey is a natural bio-active product with anti-microbial and antibacterial qualities that has traditionally been used for minor ailments and to keep our digestive systems in balance.

In Western Australia the anti-microbial qualities of honey are measured by a Total Activity rating, often stated as TA+. A higher TA indicates greater antibacterial and anti-microbial strength with a TA of more than 10+ generally considered to have beneficial properties. Our Altha honey was been tested by the Australian Government's National Measurement Institute and found to have a TA rating of 26+ which compares favourably to some of the most active Manuka Honey.

Pure, raw, untreated honey will naturally crystalise over time.  If you prefer your honey runny, simply stand the jar in a bowl of warm water, or place the jar in the sun, to return to a liquid state.