The purpose of yoga is to balance the flow of energy throughout the body, good for our general health, wellbeing and flexibility.

Andrew & Vanessa are qualified yoga teachers registered with Yoga Alliance (RYT500 & RYT200 respectively). Together we practice and teach meditation, hatha and yin yoga taking a functional approach, developed by Paul Grilley and taught to us by his senior assistants Jo Phee and Joe Barnett. In a functional approach to yoga we focus on achieving the desired sensation in target areas rather than on forcing you into a standard looking posture that may not be suitable for your body. 

Yoga Accessories


Interested in a yoga program designed specifically for you? 
We can provide in-person or remote/online yoga individually tailored to your needs or goals.



We have a number of free yoga and meditation videos available for you to practice at home. These videos are suitable for everyone, from beginners to established practitioners. 

Our functional approach to yoga will help you understand more about what you’re doing and why, develop a clearer understanding of what your own body is able to do and what posture variations are appropriate for your body.

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